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Credit after graduation with quick payment

Credit after graduation with quick payment

First of all my sincere thanks for your graduation. A big and important stage in your life is now behind you, and as you enter the world of work, the next stage in your life begins, which, of course, is no less large.and is diverse. Of course, the entry into the new phase of life should be planned as well as possible and also cost a corresponding amount of time, so that a credit after studying is indeed nothing out of the ordinary.

Now, however, raises the question of how and especially with which provider this loan should be used. Because as an ex-student you have just given up the credit risk group of students and are therefore very difficult for the conventional credit institutions to assess.

For example, at the beginning of the new phase of your life, you might be able to obtain suboptimal conditions from conventional credit institutions or, in extreme cases, even have problems. As a result, the small loan, which we refer to as EUR 4,000 in your case, should only be given by the conventional house bank as an emergency option. Depending on which purchases you made, you can submit both a restricted loan and a non-promissory loan.

The credit balance with unrestricted use is usually more interest-bearing

The credit balance with unrestricted use is usually more interest-bearing

The balance for the credit institutes than a assigned creditis more interesting. The reason for this is that you are not responsible for a use of the debt by the house bank for a loan with free use. In contrast, in the case of a dedicated loan, the debt may be used only for the purposes specified in the loan application.

Now it’s up to you to determine which form of credit is best for you. If there are no favorable conditions in the open market for loans, you can also use a credit comparison portal such as Trucredit and receive suitable comparative offers.

In your case, however, the providers’ terms and conditions are almost at the same level. The third option is a private loan.


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