Revocation Real Estate Loan Pattern | Cancellation Real Estate Credit.

However, such a footnote is not intended in the draft. Operating Manual: Sample texts for the right of withdrawal of terminated loans (II) You want to reclaim the prepayment penalty you have paid as well as assert interest differential claims or receive repurchase payments from the financing house bank? Note: The right of withdrawal must be exercised by your house bank in such a way that the revocation takes place until 21.06.2016, thereafter another right applies for real estate loan agreements concluded before 11.06.2010 (not other consumer credits), which prevent the revocation.

It is recommended to send the cancellation by registered letter, so that in case of a legal dispute a proof of delivery exists! Before you exercise your right of withdrawal, you should first read and understand the “Operating Instructions” to exercise your right of objection (see our previously published article: “Operating Instructions: Sample text for revocation of terminated loans (I)”).

To pay out at your house bank.

To pay out at your house bank.

Only when you have understood everything, you have the necessary information to make an independent decision-making (at your own risk!)  If you are currently selling your property, it is advisable, for example, not necessarily to terminate it during the contract with your house bank, since the house bank in this case has almost certainly charged a prepayment penalty and your buyer is not released from the burden without consideration.

Credit Agreement.

Dear Shareholders, I / we hereby declare the revocation of the credit agreement (s) mentioned in the matter in the loan agreement, the termination instructions used by your company are incorrect. Thus, the revocation period for my / our right of revocation has not yet expired, in which case the revocation period has not expired yet expire.The right of revocation was exercised neither fiduciary nor abusive.

 My obligation to repay the loan

 My obligation to repay the loan

The same applies if, by asserting the right of withdrawal, I intend only to pursue the objective of recovering my prepayment penalty already paid and to induce your company to regulate the contractual relationship in the future at market rates instead of external interest (new!). Your company is required to cancel the loan agreement (s). The granted will be handed over, step by step, against the obligation on your part to repay the interest and principal paid by me.

Your company has no authority to calculate the contractual interest in the future. In addition, your home undertakes to give up the use of your home from the services purchased (interest and principal payments). Finally, I would like to say that Parliament has to reimburse the early repayment fee that I have paid. I will fulfill my obligation to provide the services you receive, including their use, step by step.

Already today, I expect my receivables to repay the interest and principal payments made by me up to the amount of the repayment claim of your house with respect to the original loan amount. Your home would like to make the payment by bank transfer to the following account: Gladly your home can make an economically meaningful comparative offer also within the consideration period. Signatures “[1] If you and your spouse or another borrower, for example, signed the loan agreement (s), both should cancel it.

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