Short – term SMS loan up to 5000

Nowadays, you do not have to choose only long-term bank loans. If you do not need to borrow money for several months, you can contact a lender in the non-banking sector.

There are both non-banking companies such as Good Finance or Good Home Credit, which offer very similar loans to banks, but also smaller companies such as Ferratum, Perfect Money or Crediton, which offer short-term loans up to 10 000 USD .

These loans have been increasingly popular recently

These loans have been increasingly popular recently

Mainly because they are easy to obtain and you only pay a one-off fee, which you will learn immediately when negotiating the loan.

For example, people use them when they are unemployed, on maternity leave, or in another position that does not provide them with sufficient income to lend them elsewhere.

Try a verified SMS loan up to USD 5000

Thanks to non-bank SMS loan providers they can apply for up to USD 10,000 without having to prove their income.

These loans are intended for anyone who has a bank account, mobile and is a Czech citizen at the age of min. 18 years. Most of the providers do not have any other requirements, you just need to apply for a loan on the Internet at the website of a non-banking company.

Most non-banking companies have an online loan calculator on their site, so you can immediately calculate how much you will overpay and what the interest is.

A quick SMS loan


Is also suitable for pre-pay situations when you are running out of reserves and you can’t wait for your employer to pay you your salary. Because you know that you will get the payout, you don’t have to worry about missing a few hundreds to pay your debt.

An example is the Perfect Money offer. People can borrow from it without confirmation of income and even with the entry in the debtors’ registers. This company offers a product called Short-term SMS Loan up to USD 5000 , but it will transfer money to your account very quickly. You can apply for them at any time, even today, as everything can be handled via the Internet on their website.

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